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The Arden Photonics nPA-400 Refractive Index Profiler uses a modified refracted near-field technique to analyze a fiber end-face to determine the full 2D refractive index distribution.

Arden Photonics nPA-400


The nPA-400 is the quick and easy way to get the refractive index data you need to verify your specialty fiber design and manufacturing processes.
Obtain complete 2D refractive index profiles (RIP) of your fibers in seconds. Able to analyze both standard and specialty fibers up to 400 µm diameter. The user-friendly GUI and the minimal fiber preparation required make the nPA-400 the perfect tool to get fast, repeatable RIP characterizations of your fibers.
There is no need to rotate the fiber or scan the fiber end face, resulting in a very fast measurement, meaning that the nPA-400 is suitable for production lines, research and development labs, or QA environments.

Multimode graded-index fiber


Panda fiber


Multicore fiber

Product information

  • Measure full 2D profile in seconds
  • Fibers up to 400 µm in diameter
  • Prepare and measure fiber sample in under a minute
  • Measure non-circularly symmetric fibers such as PM, octagonal and multicore fibers
  • Traceable calibration
Refractive Index Repeatability* 0.0002
Fiber Diameter 40 to 400 μm
Fiber Material Silica glass
2D Measurement Time** < 5 sec
Measurement Range*** +/− 0.025
Measurement Wavelength 630 nm
Maximum Field of View 520 μm
Image Sensor 1.1 inch CMOS, 4096 x 3000 pixels resolution
Weight 6 kg
Size 0.5m x 0.16m x 0.13m
Operating Temp 15 – 30°C
Performance Specification Validated at 22°C
Computer Requirements All systems are supplied with a computer running up-to-date Windows operating system
Data Interface 1 X USB 3.0 (USB A to USB B: 1m cable supplied)

* Repeatability is measured on a 125 μm MM fiber sample without removing from the measurement cell
** averaging 5 images
*** around reference fluid index

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