What does Mesomatic actually do?

We test and measure, splice and polish, inspect and clean, then optimize where necessary. It’s as simple as that. With our decades of experience, you will reach your goal quickly and cost-effectively. And that’s why we and our customers are successful.

  • Test & Measurement

    Testing and measuring are the basics of knowing instead of guessing. This can determine whether a network or an application becomes successful or whether it leads to failure or damage. It may be that in your case testing and measuring is not important, but we take care of this issue every day. Therefore we can help with our knowledge and experience to find the perfect solution for you.

  • Splicing

    Splicing is the perfect merging of two optical fibers. It is the necessary connection of a fiber optic network. We offer a wide range of robust splicing devices for the field up to high-end devices for laboratory use. Special splicers can splice particularly robust and thick fibers, or even splice the fiber together not only in the core, but also in the polarization.

  • Inspect & Clean

    Dirty fiberoptic connectors are the most common cause of errors in optical networks. Fiberoptic connectors must be inspected before connecting and must only be plugged in when clean. If connectors are dirty they must be cleaned with the proper tools. If this rule is followed, networks will live longer and have significantly fewer faults, even when high data rates are transmitted over the fibers. It is proven that inspection and cleaning solutions can save time and money.

  • Polishing

    Polishing is like cooking. With the right equipment, the best ingredients and the right recipe, you get the best results. To ensure a high performance fiberoptic connection, the connector must be polished to perfection. Polishing is a crucial process to meet the high demands in connector assembly. This is how we achieve minimal attenuation and lowest reflection for our demanding customers.

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