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Due to a very broad spectrum in application, this area is exciting and challenging. The will to constantly improve drives us, and customer benefit is our success.

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Test & Measurement

The field of optical metrology in research and development, but also in industrial production, is very broad and thus requires a large number of devices, some of which are very specialized.
It begins with the performance of different light sources such as lasers, LEDs, SLEDs and white light sources, both as free-space optics and fiber-coupled. It continues with high-speed measurement of attenuation and reflection, beam characterization, the optical spectrum for many applications, polarization and several other parameters. Optical components are often examined, for which high-resolution reflectometers or measuring instruments with tunable lasers are needed, for example.

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Laser & Light Sources

Customer needs are often very specific and require good technical support. The range extends from simple LED sources to broadband SLEDs and complex lasers. The stability of the source and the quality of the spectrum are important factors. The spectrum of applications is equally broad.

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Optics & Optomechanics

High-quality optics and reliable mechanics are crucial for both the precise construction of an optical bench in the field of research and development and in production environment.

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Motion Systems

Positioning stages are available in mechanical or electrical design. The decision is then the number of axes and the accuracy. This in turn is largely determined by the method.
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Laboratory Equipment

Many different products are grouped under this heading. This can be an IR sensor card as a daily tool in the laboratory, a simple power meter, a laser pointer for testing transmission and much more.

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Splicing in the field of optics & photonics goes beyond connecting standard multimode and singlemode fibers. Depending on the configuration, the splicing devices presented here are capable of splicing very large diameter fibers and polarization-maintaining fibers (PM fibers). Connections of fibers with different diameters are also possible.

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This competence comes more from the production of fiber-optic connectors. However, it can also be useful to repolish existing connectors in case of slight damage, scratches or very resistant dirt.

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Inspection & Cleaning

This important topic is sometimes given little attention in the laboratory environment. Yet clean and undamaged connectors in fiber optics are important not only because of possible power losses. The distribution of light in multimode fibers can also be influenced. There are a number of more or less elaborate microscopes and cleaning tools to avoid such effects from the beginning.

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