Mesomatic solutions at a glance

This list will never be complete, because we have access to a very large and constantly changing portfolio of our manufacturers. We are not bound to specific manufacturers and can therefore put together the optimal solution for the desired application in a customer-oriented manner. This independence and our large network and experience make us and therefore you successful.

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Meso-Clean mit OLP82-P und P5000i Mikroskop
FTTH, MTP/MPO, Microscope
Optomechanical components
Optical components
Polarization Control Platform - NRT-2500
Polarisation, PM Fiber
Optical Attenuator-Device
Optical Signal Conditioning, Optical Attenuator
Avantes SenseLine - AvaSpec HERO
Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Optical Bandwith
LDF, PM Fiber, Splicers
Optische Lichtquelle
Optical Sources
MAP-300 series
Optical Sources, Optical Power Meter, Optical Signal Conditioning
APEX AP208X series
Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Ultra-high resolution OSA