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APEX ultra-high resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzers provide unmatched views into the spectral distribution of light sources and optical components in specific wavelength ranges. This makes versatile applications possible like advanced modulation formats analysis, comb generator measurement, laser characterization, OSNR measurement and optical component characterization.

APEX AP208X series

Top of the line: APEX AP208X series


The best resolution compact Optical Spectrum Analyzer ever!

With up to 500 times better resolution than the best standard grating based Optical Spectrum Analyzer on the market, these new generation Optical Spectrum Analyzers can display your signal real spectrum shape and not only its envelope.

Ultra-high resolution

Ultra-high resolution

Product information

Use it as a Wavelength Meter…

The 3 internal Wavelength calibrators (absolute and relative) allow the equipment to provide an excellent wavelength accuracy specification (+/- 2 pm). This high wavelength accuracy gives the possibility to use the equipment as a wavelength meter.

An ultra-high dynamic and close-in dynamic range!

APEX Technologies Optical Spectrum Analyzers achieve more than 83 dB of dynamic. They also have the unique advantage to have this high dynamic really close to the peak. For example, when the best standard grating based OSA can achieve 78 dB at +/- 1 nm, APEX Technologies AP2080 series can achieve 80 dB at +/- 6 pm from the peak.

Ultra-high dynamic

Ultra-high dynamic

Perfect resolution filters for OSNR measurement!

Several resolution filters between 5 MHz and 250 GHz are available. APEX Technologies rectangular shape resolution filters allow a nearly perfect integration of the signal over the selected resolution, while a grating based Optical Spectrum Analyzer filter integrate inside a wide base triangular shape.

This sharp integration allows our OSA to perform a much more realistic level measurement, essential for an accurate OSNR measurement.

OSNR measurement

OSNR measurement

Two Optical Spectrum Analyzers channels, one per polarization axis!

The input signal is split into two orthogonal polarization axes, analyzed simultaneously by two internal independent channels, APEX Technologies Optical Spectrum Analyzer has the unique advantage to display the two polarization channels separately and simultaneously. It can also recombine them and display a polarization independent measurement.

Use it as a Tunable Laser Source…

Optionally, the built-in Tunable Laser Source can also be used as an independent Tunable Laser Source. A Tunable Laser Source output and a control software can be integrated into the equipment. This C, L or C+L band Tunable Laser Source is combining narrow linewidth, good SMSR and fine wavelength setting resolution.


Within each series, different models can be selected depending on the desired wavelength range.

For details, please refer to the catalog linked below.

ModelAP201x SeriesAP206x SeriesAP207x SeriesAP208x SeriesAP268x Series
Wavelength range O BandXX
Wavelength range C BandXXX
Wavelength range L BandXXX
Wavelength range C + L BandXXXXX
Extended C + L BandXX
Resolution Bandwidth 5MHz / 0.04 pmXXX
Resolution Bandwidth 20MHz / 0.16 pmXXXXX
Resolution Bandwidth 100MHz / 0.8 pmXXX
Resolution Bandwidth 140MHz / 1.12 pmXXXX
SM Input for OSAXXXX
PM Input for OSAXX
Sweep Speed (Max.) 1.2nm/sXXX
Sweep Speed (Max.) 35nm/sXX
Complexe analysis (Intensity, phase, chirp vs time); Constellation & Eye diagrammeX


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