Auto Alignment System

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The IFA-600 is a self-aligning device for a variety of optical devices (PIC devices, Splitter, AWG, VOA, IOC, Collimator, etc.) that require measurement and packaging to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Auto Alignment System


The device overcomes the limitation of currently existing manual and semi-automatic sorting methods that depend on the users’ skill, by arranging optical devices faster and in a more stable manner by using various high-level sorting algorithms and optimized power meters.

Auto Alignment System

Key Features

  • Automatic alignment with excellent repeatability based on optimized alignment algorithm and precision stage control
  • Automatic gap control and angle alignment using precision displacement sensor
  • Quick input port alignment with multimode fiber
  • Fast initial alignment based on vision processing and 2D scanning algorithm
  • Convenient graphic user interface and versatile function for data management
  • Remote controllable via user software
  • Compact mechanical design


  • Photonic Integrated Circuit (SiP devices)
  • Integrated Optical Circuit (LINbO3 chip)
  • VOA (Variable Optical Attenuator)
  • AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Gratings]
  • PLC Splitter
  • Collimator
  • Other optical devices

Auto Alignment System

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