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High-precision programmable attenuators are key components to ensure smooth operation of optical communication and optical device testing system.

Optical Attenuator-Device

High-precision programmable attenuator


This programmable tunable attenuator can provide high-accuracy optical path attenuation for multiple channels at the same time, flexible at programming automatic or random attenuation values. It’s high attenuation accuracy, wide wavelength range, large attenuation range, fast slew rate conversion speed, excellent performance such as high repeatability, linearity, and excellent ease of use, provide an ideal solution for research institutions and high standard manufacturing enterprises.

Product information

Main Features

  • High accuracy, wide attenuation range (>50dB)
  • Low IL (< 1dB), excellent transition speed slew rate (25dB/s)
  • High repeatability and Linearity
  • Programmable, API interface, remote control available
  • Support 1~4 four channels attenuation, can OFFSET automatic compensation
  • Support full wavelength attenuation, support single-mode / multimode
  • Platform + module design
  • Optical shutter function, support cascading applications

Main Applications

  • Optical module BER test
  • Optical active device testing system
  • Optical passive device testing system
  • Optical network testing
  • Research institutions and laboratory application
  • Instrument calibration or loss simulation


Wide wavelength range

Support arbitrary wavelength input among single-mode 1250 nm – 1650 nm, multimode 830 nm – 1350 nm. The device has been calibrated for attenuation under different wavelengths, any wavelength among above ranges is verified with accurate attenuation.

Fiber Type9/125μm50/125μm62.5/125μm
Wavelength Range1250~1650nm830~1350nm830~1350nm
Max Attenuation>50dB>50dB>50dB
IL [1]<1.00dB<1.00dB<1.00dB
RL [2]>65dB>35dB>35dB
Attenuation resolution0.01dB0.01dB0.01dB
Attenuation repeatability±0.02dB±0.02dB±0.02dB
Attenuation slew rate25dB/s25dB/s25dB/s
Max.Input power23dBm23dBm23dBm
Working Temperature10℃~40℃10℃~40℃10℃~40℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~70℃-40℃~70℃-40℃~70℃

[1]Test wavelength: 1310 nm / 1550 nm for single-mode, 850 nm / 1300 nm for multimode
[2]Excluding connectors

Two different platforms are available:

Optical Attenuator-Platform

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