SLED Broadband Light Source

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Broadband optical sources are important for all applications that require a broad spectrum and a short coherence length, such as WDM and OCT.

SLED - Device

SLED - Device


Stable light source plays an irreplaceable role in all optical testing and researching area. These light sources are characterized by an excellent spectrum over a wide wavelength range and are configurable for many wavelengths.

SLED - Spectrum

Product information

Main Features

  • Wide spectral range (3 dB spectral width 90 nm)
  • High output power (10 mW)
  • Excellent power stability



  • Coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) network testing
  • Passive optical network (PON) component manufacturing and testing
  • Fiber sensing and spectral analysis.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)


Parameters of SLED Broadband Light Source

ModelSLED Broadband Light Source
Center wavelength750、840、880、1020、1050、1280、1310、1410、1490、1550、1610、1640
3dB spectrum width (Typ.)*90 nm
Output power (Typ.)*10 mW
Power stability*±0.05dB/8H(Typical)
Working ModeCW
Fiber TypeSM 9/125; Panda PMF
Connectorhigh precision, high reliability interface, SC/FC flexible switching
Warming up time20 minutes (if the storage temperature is different from the service
temperature, the preheating time is 60 minutes)temperature, the preheating time is 60 minutes)
Recalibration period2 years
Working temperature10℃~40℃
Storage temperature10℃~40℃
Input powerAC 90~260V 50Hz

*Measured wavelength is 1310/1550nm, and the spectral width and output power of SLED light source are related to the central wavelength.

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