Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth-Variable Tunable Filter

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An essential tool for wavelength-selective filtering of optical signals in research and development as well as in the laboratory environment.


Ultra-Sharp Edge Roll-Off

The filter exhibits an ultra-sharp roll-off of 1500dB/nm (12dB/GHz), without compromising the flexibility of bandwidth and wavelength tuning. Ideal for DWDM channel selection and removing ASE noise.

Continuously-Tunable Bandwidth: 0.03 to 3nm

The 3dB bandwidth is 30pm (3.7GHz) at its narrowest and is also continuously tunable to 3nm (370GHz). Filtering of<1GHz optical frequency comb lines is also possible by combining with etalons.

Product information

Main Features

  • Unprecedented sharpness:1500dB/nm roll-off
  • Unprecedented narrowness: min. bandwidth 30pm (3.7GHz)
  • Flexible: both bandwidth and wavelength-tunable

Main applications

  • DWDM system channel selection
  • Optical signal noise filtering
  • Laboratory and R&D


3dB bandwidth tunability0.03 nm3 nm
Filter-edge roll-off11000 dB/nm1500 dB/nm
Center wavelength tunability - Standard1525 nm1610 nm
Center wavelength tunability – Optional21515 nm1630 nm
Wavelength accuracy< +/- 0.05 nm
Wavelength repeatability< +/- 0.01 nm
Max input power3500 mW
Optical fiberSMF or PMF

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