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The VIAVI Multiple Application Platform (MAP) is an optical test and measurement platform optimized for cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical transmission techniques. They are designed to help manage the test and measurement needs of an industry that requires flexibility and dynamic performance. The aim is to offer researchers, designers and manufacturing engineers, a platform that outshines all others with its modularity, reliability and flexibility.

MAP-300 series

MAP-300 series


The MAP chassis are the foundation to our entire portfolio of modules, enabling scalability and efficiency for manufacturing optical network elements. The cassettes are the building blocks and fall into two different families, the LightTest turn-key solutions and the LightDirect configurable solutions to meet each customer’s exact needs.

MAP-300 Dashboard

MAP-300 Dashboard

Product information

Key Features

  • Available in rackmount, reverse-rackmount and benchtop mainframe configurations
  • HTML-based graphical user interface gives consistent user experience both locally and remotely
  • Field-replaceable controller includes an integrated 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen for network and system status
  • Support for USB 3.0 port, 15.6-inch external monitor,and ethernet
  • Optional GPIB, additional ethernet ports andadditional USB and trigger modules
  • SCPI logical interface for automation programming, with remote programming supported via TCP/IP (LXI) over ethernet, GPIB and direct socket
  • Multi-user capability
  • Backward compatible with MAP2xx series cassettes and remote-control support
  • Hot swappable modules
  • Supports the MAP-Series asset management tool MAPcc



  • General purpose fiber-optic lab use
  • Manufacturing test automation
  • DWDM/WSS test
  • Connectivity IL/RL
  • Polarization scrambling and OSNR


Mainframe Specifications

MAP-380 rackmount and benchtop mainframes

MAP-380 rackmount and benchtop mainframes

Mainframe Chassis
Capacity (Single-width cassettes)3 cassettes8 cassettes
Dimensions of rackmount24.61 x 13.26 x 38.63 cm48.26 x 13.26 x 38.63 cm
Dimensions of benchmount26.43 x 15.49 x 44.27 cm46.94 x 15.49 x 44.27 cm

LightDirect and LightTest Modular Families for the MAP System

The LightDirect family includes a wide range of foundational optical test modules that are used in simple bench test applications, or combined in larger, multi-modules customer driven automated test systems. They are easy-to-control, single-functionality modules.

  • Optical sources and amplifiers
  • Optical power meter
  • Optical switches
  • Optical signal conditioning
  • OSA
  • Swept wavelength system

The possibility of combining the modules allows many complex measuring systems to be set up.

For more information see MAP-Series Selection Guide.

LightDirect and LightTest Modular Families

LightDirect and LightTest Modular Families

Optical Sources and AmplifiersOptical Signal ConditioningOptical Signal Switching and RoutingOptical Power and Spectral Measurements
mTLG-C2 is a distributed feedback (DFB) laser that steps between frequencies of the 50 GHz ITU grid. It is available in either C or L band, and with up to four lasers per module. mSRC-C2 is a general-purpose light source in key fixed telecom wavelengths: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm. These sources typically are used to test system load or continuity, measure insertion loss, or for test station calibration. mBBS-C1 is a broadband source that provides an amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) output for stable and spectrally flattened C-and L-band sources. mSRC-C23000SA is a variant of the mSRC-C2 that behaves as a semiconductor O-band optical amplifier (SOA) with polarization-independent optical amplifier.mVOA-C1 is the industry’s most compact modular solution. Available with one, two, or four variable optical attenuators (VOA) per module with or without an internal power meter. The mVOA is the industry’s leading variable optical attenuator family, enabling single-level control for receiver and amplifier testing for over 20 years. mUTL-C1 is a passive utility module includes, couplers, splitters, mux/demux, band-pass filters and even blank modules for customer supplied components. mPCX-C1 is a polarization scrambler that scrambles, controls and provides stabilization for applications such as temporal depolarization and 100G+ coherent interface testing. mTFX-C1 is a multiport tunable filter that simplifies test signal management for next-generation 100 G+ interface, sub-systems and system test.mOSW-C1/mISW are the industry’s gold standard for loss and repeatability. With over 80 variations available, there is a configuration ideally suited to all applications. Switches range from 1x4 to 1x64 with options for internal power monitoring, direction monitoring, and power trim. mOSX-C1 is a cross connect optical switch that provides high performance and reliability. Available as a 16- or 32-port common connection (CC) cassette, the mOSX supports any-to-any port combinations up to the total number of ports on the cassette. It also supports MxN combinationsmOPM-C1 optical power meters are available with one, two, or four power heads per module with four unique performance ranges. There are versions available for all applications. Models with 110 dBm dynamic range are complimented by versions that support 26 dBm input power. mHROSA-A1 is a high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer that combines sub-GHz resolution performance and compact modularity in a single slot cassette.

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