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The Arden Photonics FGC range is the complete solution for measuring the dimensions of optical fibers, V-grooves arrays, and ribbon connectors in both production and R&D environments.

Arden Photonics FGC-GA Fiber Glass Geometry System


The FGC uses a Darkfield Imaging system which gives a clear image of the fiber end face, and with the high-quality optics and camera users are able to measure the widest range of fibers. This type of system is supported by both NPL in the UK and NIST in the USA. If you have a fiber that needs to be measured and you are unsure of whether there is a commercial system that can accommodate you, please get in touch with us.

An efficient software package containing controls to switch between reflection and transmission mode. This allows users to quickly and easily get both core and cladding geometry measurements including diameter, non-circularity and concentricity

Key Features

  • Measures the widest range of fiber sizes and types
  • Single fibers up to 1mm in diameter
  • V-groove array geometry – core to core pitch, X-offset, Y-offset and V-groove block geometry
  • Arrays up to 22mm wide
  • MT ferrule measurements
  • Dual wavelength illumination (525nm and 850nm) ensures best optical performance but maintains standards compliance
  • Wide range of Arden holders available plus custom holders
  • Polarization maintaining fibers (with optional extra PM illuminator) Applications

Fiber Gallery


Max Field of View600 μm1200 μm1200 μm
Fiber Illumination – ReflectionDarkfield illumination, 850nm LED***Darkfield illumination, 850nm LED***Dual wavelength, switchable 850nm and 525nm
Fiber Illumination – TransmissionMultiple LED array, 850nm***Multiple LED array, 850nm***- Multiple LED array, 850nm Suitable for single cores up 1000μm - Single fiber ports, x3, 525nm Suitable for single core up to 400μm Requires Arden-style fiber holder - LC connector ports, x4, 525nm Suitable for single cores up to 400μm
RepeatabilitySinglemode / MultimodeSingle fiber 20/400 μmSingle fiber 20/400 μm
Core Diameter< 0.05 μm / < 0.08 μm< 0.1 μm< 0.1 μm
Cladding Diameter< 0.05 μm / < 0.05 μm< 0.15 μm< 0.15 μm
Core Non-Circularity< 1.0% / < 0.5%< 0.5%< 0.5%
Cladding Non-Circularity< 0.1% / < 0.1%< 0.1%< 0.1%
Core-To-Cladding Concentricity< 0.06 μm / < 0.05 μm< 0.15 μm< 0.15 μm
Measurement Capability
Measurement Time< 10 seconds (excluding fiber prep)< 10 seconds (excluding fiber prep)< 1 minute (excluding fiber preparation) for a 3-fiber array
Fiber Diameterup to 400 μmup to 1000 μmup to 1000 μm
Special FibersDual clad, Octagonal, PM, Multicore, PCF, etc.Dual clad, Octagonal, PM, Multicore, PCF, etc.Dual clad, Octagonal, PM, Multicore, PCF, etc.

* Repeatability is measured on the FGC-GT using a single 125 μm fiber without removing it from the unit at 21°C, the repeatability specifications are only applicable to OM1, OM2 and singlemode fibers.
** Repeatability is measured on the FGC-GS using a single 20/400 μm fiber without removing it from the unit at 21°C.
*** May be fitted with other customized wavelengths

The FGC-GA is applicable for multiple fiber applications.

FGC-GA software display

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